Friday, November 05, 2004

Here comes the complaints

I got my first hate my page comment from a BX surfer...The person said something about some script i had with the F. word....telling me how BX shouldn't let me do that...folks..this is a blog..there is going to have adult content that is offensive..biased...racist...stereotypical...i mean anything that can be put in writing is on blogs....But thats all it is...writings..i promise not to put any sexual explicit pic's up, but i will speak my mind how i see fit and if i feel the f. word was used in one of my articals or even in any of my promo banners (i might like a link to something that has a banner that uses the f. word) Its supposed to be there and thats how im doing not biting my tongue for no-one. I will do this, im putting this parental advisory pic on my page wich explaines my veiws and thoughts.


Freedom Of Speach...use it, its the only way to be heard.

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