Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Guns in Clubs

I'm not sure why I have not posted this a week ago but it just pop into my head thinking this is a decent post to put up. I went out to a night club a couple of weeks back (something that I rarely do). I end up going to a club that I only been at 3 times before, a real young crowd and very hostile environment. Just one of the reasons why I don't go to this club..But since I'm out with the guys hey lets not cry about which club to go to.. Well 45 mins. Into the night there is a fight in the club..Then you here ..Bang...Bang...Bang...Folks unless your at a shooting range any other place you hear this, run and duck... Well the rest of the club had the same idea and for once in my life I was at the beginning of the line and a didn't get trampled by the stampede trying to get out of the shooters way. It was pandemonium, to make a long story short the poor boy got 2 to the head. How did the gun get into the club is what i would like to know.
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