Friday, October 14, 2011

I know what happen to Rick Ross

Call me crazy but i get a feeling i know what triggered Rick Ross to go into a seizure. In the beginning of the year i was pushing a easy 320..i was a heavy smoker and did little exercise, I was able to travel frequently from down south to north. I started noticing that at about 30,000 + feet i started to feel a sudden discomfort  in my seat.. Couldn't sit still and i began to sweat with the air blowing directly on me..

This scared me a bit cause i didn't want to pass out in mid flight..this would continue for minutes to a hour or how ever long i happen to be at 30,000 + feet.. Till the plane started to descend is when i would get back comfortable and my sweating would stop..I don't look 320 but the normal all fat 320+ people wouldn't fit in a plane seat so there are not many fat folks flying..So with that said Rick Ross flies on planes with more room and with him travailing a lot and I'm sure with drinking on the plane his body finally said wait a second..I am going to have to shut down for a bit..That is my theory..I'm sure there will be more to the story..but this is what i thought the second i heard of his incident..
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