Sunday, November 14, 2004

Boo Hoo

A bunch of churches are shutting down due to the scandals of those pedifilers..Well they brought it on themselves..One priest been raping little boys since the 70's...for this kind of behaviour i don't see how people are even Christian...i don't here about buda monks molesting children or a rabbi having little boys in there chambers or muselms suck on little boys penises...i think its sick to use the lords name to manipulate children's minds on having sex with these men...this world is sick and the Christians on top of the food chain...i haven't done a study but i bet you a million or so if i had it that the majority of sex crimes and murders are done by christians...prove me wrong fellow jesus followers...Morals..Remember that word christians..thats what this election was all about..what kind of f#$%ing Moral value do you really have when you have constant priest raping your little boys and girls them sick f%^*ers.  I have to stop, this is pissing me off..anyway prove me wrong and go with god.


p.s. if i spelled pedifiler wrong oh well..i tried to look it up on google and they act like the word does not exisit..hhhmm, i wonder if google are christian followers....hahahaha...

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