Sunday, October 03, 2004

Who Is Leading Us??

This question scares me only because there is no answer. God would be good answer but he leads us in spirit and our well being with self. As for a physical leader in flesh I don't have one in mind. Well with age the definition of leader has changed in my opinion. Leadership in its truest form has a characteristics of a modern day prophet. I say this to compare a prophet of the old days and you read about how they just had a genuine goodness about them. To me i feel a person has to stand for something that is for the greater good of man if he is to be judged by god. A prophet has that trait running threw his or her bones. If this is all it takes to be a prophet than anyone can become a prophet if thats what im saying. Well i feel it is this easy, i dont see god giving extra heaven points if you help 1 person your whole life or if you saved thousands in a short period. We have to be leaders within ourselvs to overcome this slaved leadership of media, hollywood and money.
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