Thursday, October 07, 2004

ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!! (well at least 85% of us)

When I started thinking about this title I started wondering what can I possibly say to make people believe that its all in there heads...Well if this title caught your attention you are definitely one of those people that have all in there heads...If you haven't figured it out by now I'm talk about the things that control our daily lives such as drugs, food, obsession, sex, mainly anything that has to do with emotions...If I'm not mistaken emotions is all in your head. I put food 2nd because obesity consumes about a 3rd of our country's population. Drugs and food are like brother and sister, I say this cause the sensation of an overweight person eating a sandwich when there hungry is as the same senstation as a coke head gets when he gets a bump..Depression plays a big roll in both also, you get upset you go get yah something to eat, boyfriend pissed you off about some chick you go snort a line...Its not just coke, place your drug in place of the coke and you pretty much get the same effect. All the way down to prescription drugs..Its all the same, one way or another its going to control some kind of portion of your life...For you pot smokers its not the THC that's getting us its the social appeal and the habit of wanting to smoke constantly is what starts to consume your life..Whether you believe me or not I guarantee that with all the denial you might have against what I'm saying the bottom line is with the power of your own mind you can release your self of all those unnecessary addictive emotions and live our lives at peace with ones self. All these substances can only destroy you if you let them. Don't loose the fight with yourself.
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