Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Blog Trend

I've had a blog now for a week or so and i cant get enough of it. its fast and up to date which the Internet was getting cluttered with old material. Now people can't help but to show off there blog so it looks like one big marketing tool for the public...but isn't only right that the public gets back the had belonged to the corporations with all there fancy web sites and top web designers..with all the money these corporations spent on these web sites to catch our had more of a back-fire effect and kept us away from Internet content and kept the public in these cheap chat rooms and community web pages that if you didn't know any html it truly showed.. In conclusion, even if blogs are a trend at least its quality reading and about 90% of qulity designed sites. i am finally surfing the web. as you feed your blog the better it looks and up todate not to mention with everyone getting into RSS feeds the more you update the more likely someone is reading or checking out your articals..this is truly what the inernet is all about.
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