Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Well I'm going out on a limb here but i just got to give my thoughts on this flick...i just seen the movie over the weekend with my wife and i honestly enjoyed it..My wife had made a comment that it reminded her of men in black...i thought hhmm..i didn't quite take it seriously till i caught men in black on HBO and i can see the similarity. Before you send in any hate comments here me out..If your making soup no matter what ingredients you use its still soup. In the hitchhiker you got aliens among us, the black guy and white guy combo and a female trying to save earth. the story line is different but the same feel of hitchhiker is just like men in black. there is even talking mice in the hitchhiker and there is a talking dog in men in black..what's funny to me is that they both only use the galaxy term and not universe. I'm sure when this guy wrote the hitchhiker book back in the 70's he might of not realized that there are many galaxies and one big universe..Now i didn't read the book but if the leaves you with as many questions as the movie did what's the point..I like a movie that takes a chance and gives you any kind of explanation even if it is impossible but it makes movie sense. Now im not telling you not to go see it cause its still a good sci-fi but you won't help but realize that the movie is a little kiddie and there tring to sell it to adults.
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