Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The guide to a real man

 Here is a guide for them women who think they want a real man....

1. this is probably the most important factor of all the rules to a real man...A man`s word is his bond..if a man breaks his word he don`t stand for shyt..Unexplainable where abouts, Always late and never on time is a sure way to know if your dealing with a man or a boy.

2. Still living at home with moma..This one speaks for itself..how do you expect a man to take care of you if he is not taking care of himself. This type of man has no clue of the real world so life is still a game to him. Unless this man is saving up to move out he is a waste of time.

3. Vanity..girls if a man cares about his appereance more than you or just as much..run..Man make the clothes, Clothes don`t make the man. Ever heard this. A real man is confident in his clothes whether its name brand or not and it shows...Shoes have a fine line in vanity because shoes sometimes make the outfit. Unless wearing a suit a real man likes nice comfortable new shoes and not the trendy type of shoes. If the man you are talking to has the same type of shoes that you just seen 10 other guys wear in the same hour there is a solid chance your dealing with a boy.

4. Groomed..This one is pretty funny to me because women have brained washed even the common man into thinking he must be clean cut on a daily bases. Look Once a week or twice a month is good managment for even the hairest man but if a man needs to go to the barber shop every 3 or 4 days just because his lineing has grown in should be shot...most of these type of men can`t even afford to eat after the barber shop but he knows if he stays clean he got a shot at gettin some women. This one is border line Vanity.

5. The posse..A group of men is a group of dummies..Real men hold there own. A real man don`t need 4 of his buddies to go to the mall with him to buy things. Group outings are possible exceptions but most real men prefer to take his own ride and meet up with friends..See the diffrence.

6. No Game and No Games..A real man has no time for either one of these situations. The only game a real man has is the truth and unless provoked physicaly into drama it is brushed off. A real man has patients and self control so a verbal confrontation is easily avoided by just steping down and making the other person realize that they just lost control of the situation and look quite folish.

7. Wisdom and Knowledge..This one is one of the most important of the bunch..A mans duty in life is to learn from his mistakes and to take in as much as possible and knowing he will not know it all in a lifetime. A real man has no problem adimting that he was wrong.

8. Leaders and Followers..Women, every real man in this life has been a leader and not a follower. A man that stands for what he belives in is unstoppable.

9. Next to every real man there is a real woman..if your a female searching for that mister right and just can`t seem to find him, men just might not be the problem. You might have to make a few adjustments in your life for that real man to look your way.

To all the real women out there this is common sense but i hope this guide to a real man help those poor women that haven`t got a clue in which direction to look to when looking for a real man.
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