Sunday, November 07, 2004

Who and What makes you a true blogger??

I posted this a while back but people are commenting on my blog and i don't feel like they are reading the archives so im just letting all the new traffic whats up.

I ask this question because i feel i don't follow the true format of a blog..even though a blog content can be pretty much about everything it is without said that a blog has to still have this certain appeal to it the attracts readers and not just a money opportunity. it seems that a real blogger can see threw any bloging for money page. but for how long? more and more everyday joes are blogging and not for nothing but thats how i feel about my self blogging. I too am new at blogging and I'm very green to the ones that been at it for a while and it almost feels like a secret society of bloggers. well I'm saying this to let yall know that we should maintain this structure and educate those that stray away from the focus of a true blog and if money is a concern be creative and people will recognise. Now i might not follow the format but i do follow the guide lines and that is to keep my readers updated on any thoughts i personaly have about things but the twist is that i really cater my questions to my readers i like there point of views just as much as i like reading other blogs...
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