Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Jefferson Parish Bureau of Investigations

Name: Scratch Pro

Birth of Organization: 1992

Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA

Members: Tito Da Dictator, U-set, Mr. Medina, Young Guss, ThuGGa, S.T.E.E.L., DrupeY, Kevlar, Da-Real, Dude Da DunnaMan & 12 A’KLOK

Criminal Offense: Conspiring to bring the game back to the streets

Serving: LIFE

These 11 diverse individuals are considered to be heavily armed and extremely dangerous with intent to distribute beats, MC’s, DJ's, as well as to murder stages at random. The only information we have on this organization is of their intent to distribute 2 of this years deadliest substances, otherwise known as Hip Hop 2004 and Feel Me. In short...Scratch Pro is New Orleans’ best kept secret.

Known Occupation:

Scratch Pro Entertainment, LLC is a multi-faceted company home-based in New Orleans, Louisiana. With the ability to perform many services for the public, from Recording & Marketing to Event Planning & Manufacturing, this is a Company of self-taught, trend-setting entrepreneurs--the true meaning of the business man, sans suit & tie. A life time of lessons and years of training may very well be the reason for these young guerillas and battle scarred veterans to finally emerge from the murky waters of the south. A man once said the devil isn’t as smart as he is because he’s the devil; he is because of his age. With that said, the members age group ranges from 17-27, a ten year age gap from the youngest to the oldest! "From the streets to the studio" is what best describes this organization and all of its accomplishments. Persistence, hunger, and a love for music is the formula that equates to "the Pros" being among the upper echelon in their field.

MUSIC is LIFE! The mean streets of New Orleans have played a major part in the upbringing of these 11 entities. Life has its ups and downs, but for the most part it has taught them perseverance & steadfastness. The years of experience have enabled them to craft a unique sound, replete with a blend of hard pounding tracks and tailor-made lyrics that accurately sound track the streets. Heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, Jazz, blues & Latin music, Scratch Pro functions almost as if each individual was blessed with a super-human attribute, allowing them to function as a team of all-stars. Improvisation & adaptation have been the keys to overcoming the seemingly insurmountable odds that accompany the rocky road to success, which oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with the entertainment industry as a whole. Hot production, as well as recording & mixing that exceeds the industry standard in sound quality, barely scratches the surface of what makes Scratch Pro the power house that it has become. Their unique positioning allows them to make a product explode on the local scene, extending to the Gulf Coast region and national scenes.

The information below will demonstrate how their years of experience and expertise in the production, marketing, and promotions of music and other lifestyle products have been beneficial to different companies, including their own. They have worked the New Orleans market for over eight years and have developed a reputation and status as a premier company on every level.
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