Monday, October 25, 2004

Ok Here Is The Deal

There are about a million sites out there that are trying to get noticed and there willing to pay you to go and check there site out if you don't want anything you don't buy if you do its on you but the fact that you can get paid for just showing up on the site i think us broke people can benefit from is the catch sign up and follow the instructions on how to start clicking threw web pages and start getting paid. here is the skinny on the whole process...of course the link is my refferal link but this is were it gets good...i just surf ed about 50 pages and i earned a buck for the day...i haven't figured out how much the refferal program pays out but i know it does...the point is if all i had to do is look at about 50 sites and i get a buck...what if i had 30 or 40 people to do the same under me...well were back to a pyramid scam..ah your right but the point of the matter is that you are surfing links that are paying you to view them so the money is already paid and everyone is happy...its a little tricky to get your search bar up and running but once you got it search on it and start getting paid for just clicking away....once you get tired log in to your account and see how many clicks you just got paid for...not bad if you ask me...i saw results immedietly...i want you to know exactly how you get paid cause i was skeptical at first cause it also took a couple of days to get your account active...but once its on go have fun and make some money....if you fall for one of those sites that are selling something thats not mine or the advertisers fault thats what they were tring to do but if you see the potential in this little pyramid hustel spred the word and benifet from the clicks....

P.S. no time limit between after the other..that simple
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