Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Keeping The Weight Off

Well folks about a year ago i weighted about 330 pounds and feeling like i was dying..I've lost 60 pounds since then and keeping it off..right before everybody and there grandma was on the Atkins me and my wife started..although it was a big hype, truth is it works and the weight has stayed i call it Atkins but me and my wife were practising a low carb diet and a balanced food nutrition.  Basically i eat pretty much what i want just intake more meat cause i am a omnivore and lowered my carb intake...for any vegans you really shouldn't have a problem..well maybe gaining weight. But for us big folks i just want to let yall know, i was lazy (well I'm still lazy but just eat better ) tried all the time, depressed and losing 60 pounds help with picked up my spirits that i did this and nobody else. It feels good to make everybody eat there words for a change pardon the pun..The best part about losing the weight was that i didn't move a muscle...Me and my wife (my personal trainer) forced all them carbs out our lives for them first 2 weeks. after them 2 weeks you don't even want to look at a piece of bread.  There so many other styles of diets that can fit your desires but them first 2 weeks of what i call withdrawal a must to break the bond you have with the craving that your always hungry...thats just the carbs talking...once that addiction is broken and it is an addiction. you can live your life again with out food constantly being on the for front of your thinking.  I hope this relates to at least one person out there cause my health changed my life and i hope it can help someone else.

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