Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I'm not trying to be caddy (or maybe i am) but  i have to ask the question is Will Smith gay? I ask this because I can't help thinking his acting as well as a few his interviews he has came off like a total fruit cake!! I know that what I said isn't exactly politically correct but awkwardly true..If you have been with me up to this point I think you could go for this as well. I can go as far as pointing out Will's type in men. 1st his main man Jazzy Jeff  his DJ of many years .Have you ever noticed you haven't heard any disagreements or drama from that duo? Myself  being a women who has been around men constantly for 10 years thats a stretch ...If you can think back to the "fresh prince" I will bring up Alphonso Riviera or as I like to call him Carlton his cousin on the show and good friend in real life. Do you kind of see where i am going? If not let me plant the seed....All of these men are about 5'8 , brown skin, and slim builds....To dig just a little bit deeper I am forced to bring up Martin Lawrence, the co-star of  "Bad Boys" ...By now I hope your thinking OH SHIT she's on to something.I know for some this might just be a coincidence but for me i feel like lightning never strikes three times or maybe even four if you count Jada ,"hehe". Of course this all speculation and all based on personal opinion. I don't have any facts... yet !



Truthfully yours,

Yuset's wife

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