Sunday, October 31, 2004

I Can Use Those Extra Clicks.

I read a blog about a family that was tring to get there child presents and asked people if they would like to donate to the i don't see nothing wrong with that so since begging is allowed im not too proud...I will try to give you the best content that comes to mind but i do beg of you if you like my stories, it would be awsome if you would just donate me the number of clicks you think my story is worth...I have a search bar on the top of my page that searches for the best deals online..You don't have to buy nothing you do not want, period..take a look and go about your business and i don't expect no more than 1 click from a satisfied reader...but click how you feel it works out better for me...if you want to know why im so gunho about it i have a link that reffers you to me and you can check it out for yourself and put a search bar like mine on your page called SearchFeed...or you can just enjoy what you read or the 30 sec. is up on your BX page and you can go bout your business as usaual. Thank you for your time and brain power.

Try It out right here or up top if it dosen't show

Search for the best deals on the net...Maybe even a free ipod!

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